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Here at Vance & Huffman our highly trained professionals are dedicated to providing quick, economical, and amicable debt resolutions for all of the consumers.  Our people and our customer-friendly processes set us apart from others in our industry. Our call consultants are among the best in the industry because we only recruit and hire professionals dedicated to treating every person they contact with dignity and respect.


Because we know that outside influences, such as a job loss, or illness are major reasons for consumer debt, we work diligently with every consumer to use all available means to liquidate their debt. More importantly, we are committed to resolving each credit situation with empathy and integrity.


Vance & Huffman will bridge the gap between creditors and consumers with an approach that puts integrity first and builds relationships that last.  We pride ourselves on being a different type of debt collection agency.  Contact us at 757-279-0883.



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How can we help you?

Vance & Huffman representatives are trained to comply with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and other state, federal and local consumer protection laws. 


The FDCPA requires that we inform you "This communication is from a debt collector and is an attempt to collect a debt.  Any information obtained will be used for that purpose."

Consumer Services

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